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Domenick's Blinds and Decor establishment has been bringing friendly and honest window treatments since 2009 to the Sarasota and surrounding communities.


For every type of window treatment, we can show you tasteful, elegant solutions at great prices. Whether you need shades, shutters, draperies, or other decor needs, we can suggest a multitude of custom-manufactured options and have the answers to all of your questions. And our service extends far beyond the sale. We are the largest parts and service window treatment company in Sarasota County.


We always do our very best to ensure that we carry , distribute, and sell only American-made products. We do not seek out nor do we sell imported goods. On occasion, we have seen small components that bear a foreign-made imprint. Although there is no way to guarantee that any product is absolutely 100% American-made, please understand: That is our goal, and that is what we are working for. Thank you for supporting us in this important business principle.

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Hunter Douglas - The Alustra® Collection

This premium collection is exclusive to Hunter Douglas and is thoughtfully curated to include luxurious fabrics, textures, colors and hardware finishes. It meets the tastes and expectations of leading designers. Come check out samples at our Domenick's Blinds and Decor showroom or schedule an in-home consultation.

Hunter Douglas

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